Australia hosts a vibrant and emerging startup scene. Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are continuously ranked among the best startup-hubs in the world.

This page has been developed with the intention of providing an overview of venture capital, startups and funding possibilities for people who want to make an impact and change the world with their ideas.

What is Venture Capital?

Venture capital involves investing in companies with the potential to grow quickly. As opposed to investing in traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses, venture capital usually applies to scalable high-growth companies. This typically includes companies involved in technology, bio-technology, medical technology, telecommunications, energy or media & entertainment. While there is no formal limitation, it is clear that most venture capital revolves around technology.

When most people think venture capital, they think early-stage businesses or startups. Whilst venture capital is particularly relevant at the startup stage, it can apply to business of all stages. From an idea on the back of an envelope, through to a business worth billions of dollars. Most, if not all, of today’s major technology companies like Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon, were funded by venture capital. It’s easy to imagine that the early investors in these companies earned a very healthy return!

Obtaining venture capital funding is not just about money: startup founders often have no or limited operating history which creates the need for both technical and managerial expertise. Venture capital firms often support startups with strategic advice, co-working spaces and access to their network.

In a nutshell: venture capital firms help give passionate founders the resources and the knowledge to help their idea change the world.

What are Venture Capital Firms Looking for?

Venture capital firms vary in their approach. Some firms focus on specific industries, some focus on companies of a particular size. Other firms adopt a very wide approach. Often firms look for startups that use new technologies to disrupt existing industries, products and services in a way that solves problems and improves the status quo.

Despite different approaches, venture capital firms do have one thing in common: they’re all looking to invest in exceptional founders. Often it is said that investors prefer to invest in a B grade idea with an A grade management team, than a A grade idea with a B grade team. A business or startup is only as good as the people driving it. Accordingly, all venture capital firms are on the lookout for the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg.

What is Dominet?

Dominet was founded in 2001 by Domenic Carosa, who has always had a passion for new technologies and ideas. In the early 2000s, Domenic recognized the potential of brand new mp3 technology and founded “Sprint”. Due to his passion for disruptive technologies, Domenic started to invest in early stage tech companies which led to the formation of Dominet. Since then, the company has invested in more than 30 companies.

Dominet focuses on promising tech-based startups that are highly scalable. Dominet looks to invest in startups that have demonstrated product/market fit such as revenue, users or subscribers. Dominet also works closely with startups leveraging the experienced gained from working with a broad range of companies.
For examples of companies Dominet has invested in, click here.

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